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Amanda Lambros

Executive Director

Amanda is the Executive Director of the Grief Recovery Institute of Australasia …but how she managed to get here is no less than pure passion, purpose and serendipity.

Over eighteen years ago, Amanda migrated from Canada to Australia for the sole purpose of completing a Masters’ degree in Forensic Sexology. Having already completed degrees in Health Sciences, Ethics and Counselling, Amanda had a love of learning and travelling which collided and brought her to Perth, Western Australia. Her intended 18 months stay in Australia has now turned into more than 18 years on this beautiful island.

Amanda worked with thousands of couples as a relationship educator and counsellor and she discovered that the more clients she saw, the more she heard them discuss Grief and Loss. So, Amanda was on a mission, to find out as much as possible about Grief and Loss to help guide her clients forward. 

Although she embarked on plenty of courses, professional development, workshops and seminars, she still felt that something was missing. It was then that Amanda stumbled across the Grief Recovery Institute and flew to Canada to complete training in Toronto. When the founder of the program, John W. James himself showed up to run the training – Amanda knew that she was going to enjoy the learning process. Tragedy hit the second day of training with the death of Amanda’s only half-brother – long story short…rather than leaving training (as that was Amanda’s first thought), she persisted because John said “You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time”…he couldn’t have been more correct! The training was life altering and now the reason that Amanda is the Executive Director of the Grief Recovery Institute of Australasia.

After 3 additional years of training with the Grief Recovery Institute, Amanda is pleased to bring the program to this side of the world and can’t wait to share the teachings with others.

Amanda is always happy to answer questions about training and the method.

Amanda is married to Owen and has two young sons, Lance & Blake who keep her active and up to date with her first aid skills.  When Amanda isn’t delivering Grief Recovery training, you can find her reading books, enjoying a sneaky romantic comedy or simply spending time with family and friends.

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