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Discover Grief Recovery Method

A unique organisation operated by passionate people.

Helping individuals to understand and move on from grief.

About Our Method

Because grief is such a misunderstood and little talked about topic, it may be easier to start by saying what the Grief Recovery Method isn’t:

  • ​It’s not counselling
  • It’s not therapy
  • It’s not an alternative treatment

Instead, Grief Recovery Method is an action plan, which takes participants through a series of small, guided steps. 

You can learn the Grief Recovery Method for yourself or you can learn to teach it to others by becoming a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Book a call to find out more.

Why Choose Grief Recovery Method?


A unique program that is more than counselling

46-Year History

Grief Recovery Method has been shared for almost 50 years. 


You won’t find any other evidence-based grief recovery method training.

Step-by-Step Program

Go beyond understanding and take action to move beyond the pain of loss.

Improve Your Therapeutic Services

Learn a highly effective grief recovery strategy that you can share with your clients.

Caring, Authentic Team

We understand first-hand the setbacks that a major loss can cause.

Learn To Live

Overcome grief and reclaim your life.

Grief Recovery Specialist

Meet our Director

Amanda is the Executive Director of the Grief Recovery Institute of Australasia …but how she managed to get here is no less than pure passion, purpose and serendipity.

Amanda worked with thousands of couples as a relationship educator and counsellor and she discovered that the more clients she saw, the more she heard them discuss Grief and Loss. So, Amanda was on a mission, to find out as much as possible about Grief and Loss to help guide her clients forward. 



Hear from Australasians who have participated in the Grief Recovery Method training.

Lift The Weight Of Grief

Nobody should have to live with the permanent pain of grief and loss.
Learn the Grief Recovery Method today.