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Hear from past participants.

What our clients say

The training has provided me with the missing link to the puzzle of my passion. I am pleased to be able to transpose this passion into a life experience that will provide me with the opportunity to do something I love and get paid for it. Thank you so very much.

Mauz Kay

This training has given me an enriched knowledge of grief and loss and how to help myself and others to deal with a multitude of losses. It encouraged me to continue and I felt valuable and feel I can help others.

Kathleen Judge

I believe I have just been trained to help people – not TELL people. I finally feel that I have arrived home. This is the connection door I’ve needed and have constantly seen missing in the lives of so many. Thanks GRM & Amanda

Christine Villarroya

The Grief Recovery Method is simply beautiful and beautifully simple, but it is not at all simplistic! At the same time as being simple, it is also comprehensive, insightful, practical and stimulating.

L. Catherine Moulds

I loved the movement from the head to the heart as it is the only way true healing occurs. The magic is in the simplicity of this method. We are all grievers. Thank you Amanda for the passion you bring as you deliver this training.

Anne Jeffreys

I would like to thank Amanda for bringing the Grief Recovery Method to Australia and for the amazing job she does as a facilitator. This training has lifted a great weight from my shoulders and given me completion.

Jill Twomey

I had spent 2 years looking for help to cope with my grief. Medical professionals wanted to prescribe drugs (no way!), psychologist was offensive. Thank you Grief Recovery, what an amazing programme.

Gillian Moroney

I am sure that this program will help me help people move on from their incomplete grief.

Susan Strong

I feel like I now have the tools and structure I’ve been waiting for to add to my practice. It was great to realise the relationships and losses in my life.

Sylvie Perera

I thoroughly enjoy doing my One on One client work and I will continue to do so as long as I have my Holistic Health Practice. Why? IT WORKS….My clients have had liberating results after going through The Grief Recovery Method with me. Many have made the same comment; I had tried so many other things and nothing worked, but this did!….Even though there are other options for the support of grievers, none of them really move grievers past the pain of loss like the program formulated by John and Russell.

The Open Rose, Holistic Health Center

Lift The Weight Of Grief

Nobody should have to live with the permanent pain of grief and loss.
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