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Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss — whether that loss was caused by a death, the end of a relationship, loss of employment, or one of the significant life events that invoke this strong and overwhelming emotion. 

The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan; a series of small steps that lead to the completion of the unresolved communication that is linked to the loss.

If you are struggling to move beyond the pain of grief or want to provide clients with a strategy to overcome a significant loss, you will find the solutions through our services. Book a call to find out more.

Our Story

Grief Recovery Institute of Australasia is an extension of a global program. 

Our evidence-based, sequential method was developed to help people overcome grief.

As a result of our training, people describe having a “weight lifted from their shoulders” and a renewed ability to enjoy their life. 

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The Grief Recovery Method works with therapists, individuals and organisations.

Grief Recovery Services Australia and Asia
Training & Certification

Learn a step-by-step framework to help your clients overcome grief and loss.

Grief Recovery Services Australia and Asia
Grief Recovery Program

Work through an action and evidence-based program to move on from grief.

Grief Recovery Services Australia and Asia
Helping Children with Loss

Equip your team to help their clients transition beyond feelings of despair.

Grief Recovery Services Australia and Asia

Access helpful publications written for children, adults and therapists.

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Guide For Loss

This book explains 61 facts on the experience of grief and shows you the way to move past difficult times.



Hear from Australasianss who have participated in the Grief Recovery Method training.

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A unique program that is more than counselling

46-Year History

Grief Recovery Method has been shared for almost 50 years. 


You won’t find any other evidence-based grief recovery method training.

Step-by-Step Program

Go beyond understanding and take action to move beyond the pain of loss.

Improve Your Therapeutic Services

Learn a highly effective grief recovery strategy that you can share with your clients.

Caring, Authentic Team

We understand first-hand the setbacks that a major loss can cause.

Learn To Live

Overcome grief and reclaim your life.

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You don’t have to feel alone.

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