Quotes "There's no explaining this program except for pure magic...it's amazing...I can finally sleep at night without recurring nightmares...thank you so much Amanda!" - Quotes
Claire J
Pure Magic

Quotes The grief recovery process has adjusted my whole approach to dealing with loss. I am happier and healthier as result. It has inspired me to do the training and become a grief recovery specialist myself. Quotes
Yve Parkinson

Quotes Before I started the Grief Recovery workshop I was grief stricken lost and confused. I felt dead inside and depressed. After just a few sessions I felt relief and was less distressed - a definite improvement. Quotes
No longer lost and confused

Quotes Having the option of the one to one course was attractive to me as I felt I was likely to hold back from expressing my feelings, concerning the death of my wife, in a group scenario. It quickly became apparent to me that I was getting so much more from the sessions than if I had read the Grief Recovery Handbook by myself. Some two months after finishing the course I certainly feel it has been of great benefit to me" Quotes

Quotes It was only as the program developed that I was made aware and realised that I had been carrying lots of grief in my head and heart for many years Quotes
Margaret Duggan
Opened my Eyes