Welcome to Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Training - Online

Get ready for the most effective way to move beyond the pain caused by loss and deliver the program to help even more grievers.

Date, times & address


May 27-30 2021 (Online via Zoom)

July 21-24 2021 (Online via Zoom)

November 24-27 2021 (Online via Zoom)


Training Day 1: 8:00 pm- 5:00 pm (AWST)

Training Day 2: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (AWST)

Training Day 3: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (AWST)

Training Day 4: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (AWST)


There will be comfort breaks throughout the training as well as plenty of time offered for a lunch break.  We do however suggest that you have a few snacks on your desk if needed to snack on throughout the training.

Date, times & address

Keep in mind
  • Whatever you do make sure you plan to enjoy yourself and participate at 100%.

  • Please write down the answers to the following questions:

    1. 1. Why do you want to do the training?
      + Help other people
      + I have personal losses to deal with
      + Professional Development


      2. What do you feel is your biggest loss?
      These can be tangible or intangible. Your loss is unique to you.

      3. What are three ideal outcomes from you completing the training?
      + Add another skill to my toolkit
      + People purchase the program with me
      + It helps move me beyond loss

What to bring
  • Small snacks in case you get hungry. 

  • Have some water and tissues available to you.

  • Nothing else is needed!  We will be sending your package to you in the mail and it should arrive prior to training.

What to wear

We suggest you dress very comfortably. No need to get fancy but also, please don't show up in your pajamas.  The benefit of doing the training from home is that you get to control the room temperature!  No need to look glamorous - please come comfortable.


The comforts of your own chosen location!

If you have questions, please email info@griefrecoverymethod.com.au or call us on 1800 763 538.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at this experiential and transformational course.

With gratitude,


Amanda Lambros
Executive Director

Grief Recovery Institute of Australasia


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