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You’re hurting. You’re stuck with no idea how to move forward except that you know that you don’t want to feel like this anymore. Fond memories turn to pain. “What ifs” circle your head in an unending guessing game that is exhausting. All your hopes, dreams and expectations for the future have been snatched away. No one really seems to understand how much your life is affected by these feelings. 


If some or all of this has you nodding your head in agreement then you are suffering with unresolved grief. The good news is we can help you complete all that unfinished business and move on with the rest of your life. 


The Grief Recovery Method® Personal Workshop weekend is an intense 2 or 2 ½ day program where we teach you the small correct actions to help you. 

If you have never heard of The Grief Recovery Method before, you might find this introduction helpful:

Is a Personal Workshop Weekend right for you? 



If you’re still not sure give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through the various programs and find the best option for you – 1800-763-538

What is the workshop for? 

The workshop is a mix of practical and educational sessions that, step by step, lead you through the process of dealing with your loss or losses. It doesn’t matter whether the loss is through death, divorce or any of the other 40 plus life affecting losses. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not sure which loss you need to work on first! Our objective is to steer you gently through the process and onto completion. 

How soon after a loss can I do this? 

It is never too soon nor too late to recover. There is no need to wait to feel better. One of the most dangerous myths in society is the idea that time heals all wounds, when in fact all time does is pass. Over time memories may blur and we may get better at pushing the pain deep down inside but this is not healing. Only by taking actions can we heal a broken heart and the fresher the memory the more accurate it’s likely to be. If you broke a leg you’d go to A&E immediately – you wouldn’t wait 3 years. The same is true for a broken heart , why wait? 

Who is it with?

In Australia & New Zealand, the Grief Recovery Method Personal Workshop Weekends are only delivered by Amanda Lambros, the Director of Grief Recovery (AUS/NZ).  Amanda trained personally with John James and Russell Friedman, founder and co-authors of the Grief Recovery Handbook and past-directors of the Grief Recovery Institute in the U.S. 

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