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Grief Recovery Group (7 weeks)

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  • Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Cost: $370 (includes all materials for the 7 weeks)

    • $50/session + cost of book

FREE Community Talk about Grief Recovery

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About Phillippa

Phillippa is an energized businesswoman who has worked for many years in male-dominated industries. She's currently a trainer & facilitator for employ-ability skills for at-risk young, developing a positive career pathway, as well as being an ambassador for Body Image Movement (BIM).


Phillippa believes in understanding and owing your uniqueness’s to allow you to have a clear vision of the pathway to achieve your best. She serves on the Board of Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI), where proactive community health is a primary focus.


There is a synergy throughout her work of 'empowering' young people to know what their best is and helping them create a roadmap to achieve it.

Contact Details

Phone: 0416 248 140



Mailing Address:  PO Box 226, Victoria Park, WA 6979

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Cert IV in Training and Assessment – Scorpion Training Solutions
Grief Recovery Specialist - Grief Recovery Institute
The Science of Human Excellence – Gary De Rodriguez
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Gary De Rodriguez

Why Choose Phillippa as your Certified Grief Recovery Specialist?

Phillippa is a dedicated trainer and public speaker committed to advocating for the empowerment of women and youth. With a personal journey that has seen her understand loss both tangible and intangible Phillippa approaching the GRM with a passion for seeing individuals achieve their best.  


"I have really enjoyed all aspects of the course. Phillippa was amazing!! Her ability to connect on a personal level to everyone in the room is really special. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing a better job than Phillippa.  I gave her a perfect score because I believe she would go above and beyond to help me in any way she can. 100/10". Taylor

"It was super informative and greatly inspiring.  Phillippa was infectiously energetic and really helped identify what I actually wanted to achieve".    Oscar

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