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Leanne Pownall (WA)

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About Leanne

Leanne is the oldest of 3 children and has had the heart of an encourager from very early on in life, she has always found it fulfilling to encourage and support other people with whatever they are going through. Leanne enrolled to become a Grief Recovery Method Certified Facilitator after a "chance" meeting in Esperance with Phillippa Henderson, who is herself a Certified Facilitator.


As an adult, Leanne has worked in 3 regional high schools in Education Support, and as a Chaplain, where she supported the students, their parents, staff and the wider community. Leanne has also been the Kitchen Manager for between 40-100 people when she worked at Teen Challenge Grace Academy, and was simultaneously 'House Mother' for up to 9 female students. She is also currently involved as a volunteer in organisations such as a Firefighter in her local Bush Fire Brigade, SES, Community Radio and delivering donated bread to those in need. Leanne is a wife, mother and grandmother to (nearly :) 4.

Contact Details

Phone: 0427540290

Email: ldpownall@gmail.com

Mailing Address:  PO Box 6026, Esperance, WA 6450

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Why Choose Leanne as your Certified Grief Recovery Specialist?

Living in a regional community such as Esperance, Leanne has witnessed many people trying to cope with their grief from events such as sickness, redundancies, other job losses, suicide, natural disasters such as fires and flooding, and the challenges of living in a remote community - just to name a few. Leanne has also experienced many of her own personal losses and has had so much support to be able to heal from it all, she wants to be able to encourage others that it IS possible to have life through loss.