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Retreat, Recovery, Relaxation & Certification

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Certificate Training in

Koh Samui, June 2020

Retreat, Recovery, Relaxation & Certification

Same great training package yet delivered in a stunning location!

Imagine being able to truly 'get away' and focus on yourself and your recovery, while taking in the breath-taking scenery and being able to relax while doing all of this!  If the idea of an 'escape' works for you, then look no further...this is the GRM Training date not to miss. 

We have designed this training in a way that you can take your breaks on the sun-drenched terrace or on a shady sofa.  You then get to enjoy the stunning views of the turquoise ocean while you do your assignments, maybe even indulge with a 'dip in the ocean' on your way to 'work' each day!

Choose your budget

Your training package is the same cost here as it would be in Australia, or any other of our external training locations.  So how much you spend on the hotel & food is up to you.  For maximum convenience, you can stay on site at the fabulous Tongsai Bay Hotel (we have a deal if you book direct), or opt to choose to stay at a nearby hotel, depending on your preferences. 

Flights directly to Koh Samui are available from Qantas and some charter airlines (such as Bangkok Airlines) and most flights are via Singapore.

As a bonus, if you are not an Australian resident, you will save 10% GST as it doesn't apply.  Sorry Australian residents, GST does apply to you!

A more relaxed pace: 6-7 June & 9-10 June 

Our training is usually 4 consecutive days.  For this training, we've split it up to give you a chance to rest for a day after the very intense first 2 days, before completing the next 2 days.  What you choose to do on your day off is entirely up to you, although we will be laying on an optional excursion to the elephant sanctuary that morning to see the amazing work being done for the rescue elephants.

Double the Trainer Experience

The Grief Recovery Certification is normally led by a since trainer.  At this special retreat, the program will be led by both Amanda Lambros, founder and director of Grief Recovery Australasia and Carole Henderson, founder and director of Grief Recovery UK.  Both trainers are highly experienced in the Grief Recovery Method and you'll have the unique chance to learn from both of them.

Why Tongsai Bay?

Prior to being widowed, Carole worked in the travel industry and had the good fortune to travel to many amazing destinations, one that stood out back in 2003 was the Tongsai Bay Hotel.  In March 2019, she had the opportunity to go back on a holiday trip with her husband Ian (also a Grief Recovery Specialist).  They discovered that it was as beautiful and inspiring as Carole had remembered.  On discovering that it had one meeting room, the perfect size to hold a Grief Recovery training, it was an obvious next step to bring a group of heart-centred people to this beautiful location to learn all about how to help heart heal using the Grief Recovery Method.  When asked about the choice of venue, Carole said "It is so much more than beautiful rooms or a stunning view, lots of places have those.  Tongsai is unique and it is hard to define why.  I think in part, it is because the founder didn't cut a single tree down while building it and the 'green' philosophy has given this place a wonderful serene feeling and energy.  Also in part, it is the unbeaten service provided by every single staff member.  I thought on my third visit, I'd be welcomed as a frequent visitor, but it seemed everyone else we spoke to had been at least 10 times, so we were a long way off the pace!  There really is nowhere else quite like it on earth that I've discovered in my extensive travels.  

We are both thrilled to be able to offer the training, in a destination that Carole loves and one that we know the Grief Recovery students will as well! 

Training Room
Training Lunch Restaurant

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