Generic CGRS Agreement

1. Copyright and Trademark

  1. Some of the materials used in the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) Program are copyright.

  2. Grief Recovery Institute International (trading as Grief Recovery Institute of Australia, ABN 41 162 611 430) is the copyright holder for the GRM manuals, the teaching notes, the PowerPoint slides and materials used in GRM courses, hereafter ‘GRM teaching materials’.

  3. These copyrighted materials cannot be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

  4. Any use of the GRM teaching materials beyond fair dealing for the purpose of research or study is a breach of copyright.

  5. The term ‘Grief Recovery Method’ is a trademark owned by Grief Recovery Institute International.


2. Variations to Teaching Materials / Delivery

  1. The materials and information used in the GRM Program are based on scientific research and expert consensus.

  2. I will not amend or vary the content of the teaching materials in any way, as this may adversely affect the standing and research claims of the GRM Program.

  3. Variations to the materials in the GRM Program could possibly lead to adverse effects on course participants. GRM Australia will consider itself indemnified from any actions resulting or arising from unauthorised variations to GRM teaching materials.


3. Delivery of Courses

  1. I will deliver the course in person (i.e. via face-to-face delivery) to all participants, unless agreed otherwise with GRM Australia

  2. When facilitating alone, I will only deliver GRM courses that I have current accreditation for, and will deliver them to the age appropriate audience as specified by GRM Australia.

  3. I will only conduct GRM Australia courses within Australia or to Australian citizens located within Australian embassies.

  4. I will deliver the entire curriculum in each GRM course I conduct, and will not shorten the courses in any way.

  5. I understand that I may co-deliver a tailored GRM course that I am not accredited in with a suitably accredited co-facilitator no more than three times, as long as I do not present material / content specific to the course that is outside my accreditation

  6. I will conduct the equivalent of 3 GRM courses in my initial type of GRM accreditation before applying to up-skill to an additional GRM Instructor accreditation.

  7. I will ensure that all of my GRM course participants receive a current GRM handbook as part of their course attendance.

  8. I will ensure that all of my GRM course participants receive a GRM Australia Certificate of Completion when they attend the full course OR their email addresses are collected and entered into WIMS so the participant can post course feedback to receive an eCertificate of Completion.

  9. I will not on-sell the GRM handbooks, which have been purchased at the Certified Grief Recovery Specialist price (which 25% of the recommended retail price sold to the public).

  10. I will not use the GRM hanbook or materials that have been purchased at the Certified Specialist price, in any other grief and loss course. Such events need to use the GRM handbooks purchased at the public price.

  11. If I am accredited to deliver Pet Loss GRM courses, I will not use the Pet Loss handbook for any other purpose, or distribute them outside of delivering Pet Loss GRM.

  12. If I am accredited to deliver When Children Grieve GRM courses, I will not use the Pet Loss handbook for any other purpose, or distribute them outside of delivering When Children Grieve GRM.

  13. I will adhere to the GRM Australia marketing guidelines, including the use of the GRM Specialist logo in any printed and online materials, including websites, email, social media and flyers.

  14. I will not represent myself as an employee or consultant of GRM Australia.

  15. The GRM Certification Kit received by me as an Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, is to remain my property and is not to be given to or used by my employer or any other party.


4. Instructor Accreditation

To maintain my GRM Certified Grief Recovery Specialist accreditation, I understand that I must:


  1. Deliver at least the equivalent of 3 GRM courses in the first 12 months from my accreditation date and, at least six GRM courses every two years, with at least one of these six in the last 12 months (GRM Australia strongly recommends that you conduct a course in the first 6 months of gaining your Certified Grief Recovery Specialist accreditation).

  2. Pay an annual membership fee (currently set at $100), which will be due 3 weeks from my annual accreditation date.

  3. Collect and enter into the Web Instructor Management System (WIMS) email addresses for every course participant in every GRM course I conduct who wishes to complete the online feedback and or collect and enter into WIMS feedback for those participants who do not have or want to provide an email address.

  4. Enter the data from every one of my completed GRM courses into WIMS.

  5. Complete at least the minimum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement of acquiring 2 CPD points within every 12 months after the first 1 year of accreditation, i.e. no CPD points required in the first 12 months after the date of accreditation. The 2 CPD points required each year may be accumulated through attending a one day GRM state-based CPD workshop (2 CPD points) or undertaking four GRM CPD webcasts (1/2 a CPD point per webcast).


5. Non-compliance with Agreement

  1. GRM Australia will take the following steps if I do not comply with the above agreed actions:

  2. Contact me directly to resolve the problem.

  3. If this is not successful, GRM Australia will ‘lapse’ my Accreditation in WIMS until a resolution is achieved (when an instructor is ‘lapsed’ they are unable to purchase GRM handbooks and enter any course information into WIMS).

  4. GRM Australia may also instigate an audit of GRM courses I have conducted, including reviewing past course feedback forms.

  5. If a resolution cannot be achieved, I will be de-accredited and no longer be able to deliver GRM courses.


6. Acceptance

I accept that if the above conditions are not achieved, my annual GRM Certified Grief Recovery Specialist accreditation will lapse and will be de-accredited if a resolution is not achieved. After de-accreditation, to become an accredited GRM Certified Grief Recovery Specialist  again, I must attend the FULL 4 days of a GRM Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Training Course.

GRM Australia may vary this agreement at any time by giving Certified Grief Recovery Specialists 14 days’ notice on our website.

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