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From the comforts of your own home!

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Advanced GRM Certificate Training

Learn, Engage and help others heal from the comforts of home

Our mission

For over 40 years, we have followed one clear mission statement; "to provide Grief Recovery assistance to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time".

The new online format helps us achieve this to new levels. 

It allows Grief Recovery Specialists to always connect with and deliver the Grief Recovery Method to those desperately in need of our unique healing programme.

While we all know that our support groups and existing 1-1 format are the perfect fit for many grievers, we are also aware that it hasn't always been accessible for everyone.

You will still need to generate your own clients, although you may see an uplift in the numbers of referrals from us. 

The Online 1-1 Training

  • Three 2-hour online training sessions, totalling 6 hours with Amanda Lambros.

  • Unlimited phone support for questions regarding the application of the Grief Recovery Method with your clients.

  • Client survey specifically for online clients.

  • Annual licensing & service agreement renewal.

Programme Benefits

  • Work with anyone who has a desire to do the Grief Recovery Method worldwide, provided they have a high speed internet connection.

  • You have the opportunity to work with anyone in your database, Facebook fan page, or any other online group where you have contacts. 

  • No overhead expenses: you don't have to rent office space or find somewhere else to work 1-1 with someone.  Work from home and help people who need assistance. 

  • We will refer to you.  Historically we have many trying to connect with Specialists.  However, very often, there isn't a Specialist in close proximity to them.  We now have the chance to connect them with you.

  • Continue working with clients who work with you on additional relationships after your initial 7 sessions.

  • Your clients will have a lower barrier of entry.  Often, we observe grieving people who are scared, isolated and apprehensive to take action - such as attending an in-person group or one-to-one session.

  • Your licence will be extended for 12 months from the date of training completion - you do NOT have to have 2 licenses - it is an upgrade.

  • Your microsite will be updated with 'Advanced Status" automatically.

The Investment

Initial Training & License Fee                                 $1800.00 AUD (if paid in full, or $2000.00 AUD by choosing payment plan)

Annual Licence & Renewal after 12 months       $175.00 AUD

The Return - Year 1*

*Numbers calculated in AUD and based on training payment made in full.

The Return - Year 2*

*Numbers calculated in AUD and Annual Licence & renewal fee paid once.

Training Room (Comforts of your own home)

Having lived in Australia for more than 18 years, Amanda is all too familiar with using the online environment for communication with family and loved ones close and far. As Australia is a vast land with people living in rural and remote areas, this advanced training is a game-changer not only in Australia, but globally!   On a side note, Amanda has been teaching online for 15 years...think back to dial-up days, so as your trainer, you will learn about all the potential complications and how to navigate them so that your clients can get as much value as possible from you.

With this online training, you will be provided with zoom links to login to the live training and the PDF documents will be provided to you.  We will discuss the pros and cons of the online environment and what you need to be mindful of when providing this programme to your clients. 

As we know, grievers tend to isolate - for those that have had difficulty getting to a training location, we can now 'come to them' - which opens the possibility of moving beyond the pain caused by loss to so many more grievers.

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